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Pig & Pilgrim

The Pig & Pilgrim Firepit

Introducing the Pig & Pilgrim Firepit. It's handcrafted to be the perfect accessory to your Pig & Pilgrim Campfire parrilla grill - slot it on top and you have a mean cooking machine, take it away and you get a toasty firepit. We get so many queries about which firepit is best to use with a Pig & Pilgrim Campfire that we figured we'd build our own!

The Pig & Pilgrim Firepit details:

Built from 5mm mild steel. This is much thicker and more durable than your ordinary hardware store or garden shop firepits. You won't be leaving this one out for council collection after a few uses.

The dimensions: 890mm w x 517mm d x 490mm high.

It sits above the ground on a crafted stand to reduce any impact on the surface below.

It includes Pig & Pilgrim's signature lasercut P&P logo

The Pig & Pilgrim Campfire parrilla fits perfectly inside the bend of the pit.
Every Pig & Pilgrim BBQ is built to order. Please allow around 8-10 weeks before shipping.
Does not include The Campfire Parrilla which is sold separately. 

The Pig & Pilgrim Firepit