What are the dimensions of Pig & Pilgrim P1?

870mm (frame)/1070mm (frame plus hand wheel) wide x 500mm deep x 1810mm high (to the top of the hand wheel).

What about Pig & Pilgrim P2?

575mm (frame)/775mm (frame plus hand wheel) wide x 370mm deep x 1655mm high (to the top of the wheel).

The Pig & Pilgrim Campfire?

870mm (frame)/1070mm (frame plus hand wheel) wide x 500mm deep x 770mm high (to the top of the wheel).

And the Sideburn?

The Sideburn has the same dimensions as the P1, with the addition of a brasero to the left that brings its total size to 1270mm (frame)/1490mm (frame plus hand wheel). 

What are the frames made of?

Every Pig & Pilgrim is made of tough mild steel, coated in paint that is heat-resistant to 1200 degrees centigrade. The cooking boxes for the P1 and P2 are 3mm thick on all sides.

How big are the grills and what are they made of?

The grills on the P1, the Campfire and the Sideburn are 810mm x 495mm of expanded steel. Our baby, the P2, still has a good girth on her: her grill is 510mm x 365mm of expanded steel.

Why haven’t you designed them with a v-channel groove grate?

We just love our parrillas this way! The increased surface area of the expanded steel grill means your food has closer contact with smoke and flames. The v-channel grill isn't something we're offering just yet but we may do down the track; stay tuned.

Why have you chosen regular steel over stainless steel?

Over time, stainless steel requires more maintenance, especially when it starts rusting. With proper care your raw steel grill should stay rust-free. Make sure you spray with cooking oil after every cook.

Do your barbecues have wheels for transport?

The P1 and P2 do - but not the Campfire. The Sideburn includes heavy-duty off-road wheels as standard.

How do I clean the grill?

Think of your grill like a steel wok - it needs to be seasoned and nurtured from the very first time you use it. Give it a good spray of cooking oil before you use it and cook the oil off for about 30 minutes, then it's ready to go. After every cook, the removable grill should be scrubbed with a wire brush after and sprayed liberally with cooking oil. Then you'll be golden.

Why have you designed the P1 and P2 and Side Burn with an optional fixed safety panel at the front?

Without the panel, it’s easier to manoeuvre the charcoal with tongs when the grill is low, and sweep the coal dust away when you’re finished. But never fear! If you’d rather your grill had a fixed safety panel at the front we can include that at no extra cost. Just make sure you select that option when you're ordering.

What are the fire bricks for?

We like how they help to retain heat in the cooking area, but they’re not essential. They can be added as an option for the P1 and P2 and come as standard for the Sideburn, where they're needed to keep both surfaces level for easy coal distribution.

What size are the optional shelves on the P1, P2 and Sideburn?

Approx 275mm wide by 500mm deep. They're made from the same expanded steel mesh as the grill and they can be unbolted to fold down flat.

Can I use any kind of charcoal or wood on my Pig & Pilgrim?

We love charcoal personally for the P1 and P2 as it's quicker and easier than wood. The Sideburn is all about burning wood in the brasero that turns to charcoal. Experimenting with different fuel is all part of the fun. Check out our fuel suggestions here.

Do you sell a cover?

We do for the P1! Check it out here. A cover for the Campfire is coming soon.

Do you ship everywhere in Australia?

Yes! The cost to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast is a flat $80. And we ship everywhere else for a customised price: just enter your address at checkout and it will calculate the price for you.

Are you shipping overseas?

Not at this time but please get in touch if you’re interested and we'll see what we can figure out.

How long til I get my bbq?

Please allow between four and eight weeks for your BBQ to be built, plus shipping time. See individual product pages for more details.

What if my Pig & Pilgrim has a fault?

We want you to have a perfect Pig & Pilgrim. If anything's not right with your purchase when you receive it please let us know. We will work with you to come to a solution around whatever's wrong, including replacing all or part of your BBQ or offering a full or partial refund, depending on the issue. The frame, hand wheel, grill and wheels are all under warranty protection for 12 months. Please note this does not extend to normal wear and tear, damage that has been caused by uses outside what is recommended, or small blemishes.

We love our customers and will always work with you to make sure you have the best charcoal BBQ experience possible.