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Pig & Pilgrim

The Sideburn Legless


Yep you guessed it … this is our grand, glorious Sideburn. Just without legs!

Our Sideburn parrilla is the grandest beauty of all our beasts. Her brasero on the side is as beautiful as it is functional; that’s where you stack and light your wood which turns to charcoal and is then moved across to underneath your cooking surface.

The grill measures a whopping 810x 485 grill plus its left-side brasero burning wood. s

That makes it perfect for longer cooks as you can continue to add wood and create more charcoal as the cook progresses.

Like all Pig & Pilgrim BBQs  it features a height-adjustable grill plate which can be raised or lowered easily by the hand wheel. This allows the cook to modify the amount of heat and smoke reaching the food to maximise the sweet, sweet char.

PLUS Firebricks and Pro-Series Grill Bearings for our smoothest grill lift ever, are all included as part of the price.

Every Pig & Pilgrim BBQ is built to order and arrives fully constructed with no flat packing and no construction needed. The Sideburn is ready to cook as soon as it lands on your doorstep.

SAFETY NOTE: Please be sure that your Legless Sideburn is being placed on a surface that’s sturdy enough and heatproof enough to tolerate it. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlie for a chat.


Measurements and details:

Steel frame: 1270mm wide x 500mm deep x 975mm high (to the top of the wheel).

Cooking bucket: 3mm solid steel.

Grill: 810mm x 485mm of expanded steel.


  • Firebricks
  • Pro-Series Grill Bearings

Optional extras: 

  • Rotisserie/spit
  • Coloured handwheel
  • Custom monogramming

Every Pig & Pilgrim BBQ is built to order. Please allow around 8-10 weeks before shipping.

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Questions? Check out our FAQ


The Sideburn Legless