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Pig & Pilgrim

Cast Iron Pan Large (26cm)


Our exclusive, heavy-bottomed Pig & Pilgrim cast iron pans are 100% Australian made in partnership with our friends at Ajax Foundry. 

You can pop them on top of your grill to cook just about anything: a creamy peppercorn sauce for your steak, eggs for brunch or a bubbling stew.

We also slide them straight onto the coals. Try cooking potatoes in the pan in the coals and letting the juicy fatty stuff from the lamb or pork you're cooking on the grill drip straight onto them. Heaven.

Our pans come in 20cm and 26cm sizes or snap up the two-pack. 


260mm wide (plus lip) x 410mm (long) x 52 mm high. Note: the handle is deliberately short for sturdiness. Always use a heatproof glove when handling.

Comes with a small pack of grapeseed oil for seasoning.

CARE NOTES: Just like our grills, our cast iron pans should be well seasoned before use to give them a long lifetime.

First, wash your pan thoroughly in hot soapy water. Then make sure it's bone dry - hold it over a flame or set it in the sun for a bit to make sure there isn't a drop of moisture left.

Then, rub a light coating of grapeseed oil all over every millimetre of the pan, from handle to base, with a paper towel, letting it really soak into the 'pores' of the pan. Use your muscles; you want the oil to get 'into' the pan, so it should be almost dry once you've finished.

Then get it onto the middle rack of a 180 degree oven (put foil underneath in case of drips) and bake for an hour. Let it cool completely before you remove.

If you have time, repeat the oiling and baking process a couple of times but once should be enough. And the best bit is, if your pan loses its 'non-stick' character at any time you can repeat the seasoning and get it back to glossy black perfection again.

Cast Iron Pan Large (26cm)