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Pig & Pilgrim

The P1 Legless


Look Mum, no legs!

The Legless P1 is Pig & Pilgrim's best-selling signature parrilla grill barbecue, designed by Charlie in Sydney, Australia…just without legs.

That means you can place it on existing benchtops and still use it the way you would use our regular P1.

Like the P1, it features our unique, height-adjustable grill plate which can be raised or lowered easily by the hand wheel which means you get a perfect cook every time. It allows you to modify the amount of heat and smoke reaching the food so burnt or underdone food is a thing of the past.

Every Pig & Pilgrim BBQ is built to order and arrives fully constructed with no flat packing and no construction needed. They're ready to cook and go as soon as they land on your doorstep.

SAFETY NOTE: Please be sure that your Legless P1 is being placed on a surface that’s sturdy enough and heatproof enough to tolerate it. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlie for a chat.

Dimensions and materials:

Steel frame: 870mm wide x 500mm deep x 975mm high (to the top of the wheel).

Cooking bucket: 3mm solid steel.

Grill: 810mm x 495mm of expanded steel.

Optional extras:

  • Rotisserie/spit
  • Pro-Series Grill Guides for our smoothest, zero-tilt grill lift ever 
  • Safety lip at front
  • Coloured hand wheel
  • Custom monogramming
  • Handmade canvas cover 

For more measurements and details, please see our FAQ

Every Pig & Pilgrim BBQ is built to order. Please allow around 8-10 weeks before shipping. 

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The P1 Legless