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How it all started...

Founder image

Pig & Pilgrim was born from a love of food cooked well over fire, a love of artisanal hand crafting, and a passion for the two.

The Pig and Pilgrim story started with food lover Charlie’s obsession with designing and cooking for family and friends on grills. Renowned for his home-made asado BBQ cross and Argentinean-style santa maria parrilla grill, Charlie, who has a culinary background, would cook whole lambs, bacon and egg rolls and all manner of delicious creations, all cooked over charcoal on equipment he had made, from scratch, in Sydney, Australia. 

As the charcoal barbecue trend was catching fire, Charlie decided to finally answer the countless requests to make barbecues from hungry friends and family, and with that Pig & Pilgrim was forged.

We have all the ingredients to make a high-quality barbecue that’s built to last:

Solid steel, handcrafted, with our unique height-adjusting grill plate – known as a santa-maria grill -  that can be raised or lowered over the charcoal using a hand wheel.

The beauty of using a Pig & Pilgrim is it allows you to modify the amount of heat reaching the food for a perfect smoky char on meat, fish and vegetables every time (lift it to turn down the heat, lower it to crank it up again). Other charcoal barbecues don't have this function, so if you get the heat of the coals wrong – burnt dinner. It’s a practical, creative, hands-on way to cook with charcoal, that suits everyone from boundary-pushing food professionals to barbecue beginners experimenting with charcoal for the first time.

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Founder image

Pig & Pilgrim represents our obsession with flavourful, honest food, forged by the flame.

Guided by what we know tastes good and our love for Australian-made handcrafting, our thoughtfully-designed solid steel barbecues let you explore the art of cooking at fire at home, using a tool that is simple, beautiful and made to last.

We believe the art of cooking with fire is a big deal - not just a meal. The simplicity of cooking the old-school way celebrates the authentic and natural flavours of whatever’s on top of the grill plate as it is touched by heat and smoke. Cooking this way brings people together, something fire has done for thousands of years.

Pig & Pilgrims are handmade, so compared to the perfect and polished mass-produced ones you find in stores they may have small lumps and bumps. We think that adds character. We guarantee they’re made with top-quality materials, thoughtful design and a whole lot of love.

We exist for the love of good food, cooked well, for everyone. After all, this is the way we eat every day.

- Charlie