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Which fuel should I use for my Pig & Pilgrim?

In theory you can burn anything you like to cook your food on your Pig & Pilgrim. But we definitely have our favourites.


Gidgee Charcoal: 

Pros: Our favourite kind of charcoal, gidgee is made from a hardwood Australian timber. It burns very hot and for a very long time, making it an excellent choice for big cook-ups. The coal is odour-free.  

Cons: Can take longer to light than some other charcoals and tends to produce more ash (though it’s a very natural ‘potash’ that’s a great fertiliser and pest control for your garden).

Mangrove Charcoal: 

Pros: Another Pig & Pilgrim favourite, mangrove charcoal lights quickly and has a long, hot burn time. It doesn’t produce excessive ash and because it has no additives the ash can be spread on a garden. 

Cons: Tends to be imported.


Pros: Looks very sexy while it burns, and the smoke can add flavour to your food depending on the type you use. It’s definitely a great option for the Pig & Pilgrim Campfire, where the fuel sits directly on the ground or a stone or brick base.

Cons: Takes a long time to burn down to the white embers needed for cooking. If you are using wood in your P1 or P2 cooking bucket, don’t use too much as excessive heat and flames could damage your BBQ.

But remember, experimenting with fuel is all part of the Pig & Pilgrim experience. Chat to your local BBQ store about choosing the right heat source for you.