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How To Cook The Perfect Steak Using The Pig & Pilgrim Hand Wheel

What sets Pig & Pilgrims apart from other charcoal BBQs is that the hand wheel lets you control the heat - and control the cook. Overcooked or underdone? Never again.

Here's how our BBQ builder Charlie gets the perfect cook on a steak every time using the Pig & Pilgrim hand wheel.⁠

1. Make sure your steak is seasoned and kept at room temp before it goes anywhere near the grill. This ensures an even cook.⁠

2. Light your charcoal and wait until the flames die down, leaving white hot coals.⁠

3. Lower the Pig & Pilgrim hand wheel so the grill is close to the coals and get your steak on, to get a good sear and seal on the outside.⁠

4. We turn now to the acronym JKF, coined by BBQ genius Jess Pryles. JKF = Just Keep Flipping. This keeps the juice inside the steak rather than letting it run away.⁠

5. Once you've got a tasty sear, raise the grill using the hand wheel so your steaks cooks through at a lower temperature. JKF!⁠

6. JKF! JKF! Cook til you reach your desired doneness (don't be too proud to use a meat thermometer - we do).⁠

7. No need to remove your steak to rest; just raise the grill even higher using the hand wheel so it can rest away from the direct heat while staying warm.⁠

8. EAT.⁠

Times and temps will vary depending on the size and cut of your steak and the heat of your coals, but these are the basics. ⁠

Cooking on the charcoal with the Pig & Pilgrim is easier than you think.⁠