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Best Ever Burger Sauce Recipe⁠

Ingredients (all approximate, the secret to this sauce is really just chucking things in and tasting as you go):⁠

Best Ever Burger Sauce Recipe⁠

1/2 cup whole egg mayonnaise⁠

3 tbl tomato sauce⁠

3 tbl sweet gherkin relish⁠

3 tbl finely diced brown onion⁠

2 tsp smoked paprika⁠

Glug of hot sauce (we like Mister Toast jalapeño sauce from Marrickville Markets or Old Bones Smoked Garlic Extra Hot)⁠

1 tsp white vinegar ⁠

Juice of half a lemon⁠

Salt to taste⁠


Best Ever Burger Sauce Recipe⁠


Directions: Mix together. Grill burger. Smother. Drip everywhere. Burp contentedly.⁠